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Saturday, December 24, 2011

wholesale beauty supplies to make you look better

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yet how does one make oneself presentable for those out there who judge us not for our true self but for the made up self. You see, in today's world everybody is worried about how they look. However, looking great doesn't have to take too much time or effort. All you have to do is know what you're doing. First of all, determine what skin type you have. Many cosmetic counters have someone there that can do a preliminary analysis of your skin and recommend some products. If you are on a budget, see what the professional at the cosmetic counter recommends, then go to a local wholesale beauty supplies store near your home and buy it at a cheaper price.

    You can start off by examining your nails. What is the condition of them? Plain nails sometimes do not look good and could always do with a coat of opi gel nail polish which will not only give it the fresh look but also make it look pretty to boot. Do not copy someone else color scheme as it might not match your skin tone. The shape and contour of your face determines which colors might suit you. If you have cheekbones which do not stand out, then you might need a milk-chocolaty kind of brown color. Apply it on the brush and apply it under your cheek bones, starting from the temple and going down until underneath the apple of your cheek. Don't make it too obvious as it's meant to look like a shadow. Then, on top of your cheek bones take a white or really light skin tone powder and apply it, right between your eye and your cheek bone, again until the temple.

    Take a powder blush and then blend everything in to make it look even so that there are no excess lines or excess powder. The eyes play an important part and the right use of eye liner and eye shadow is crucial. Apply lipstick and lip gloss to make to lips seem full and have a shine that attracts. Make sure you use makeup and mascara remover before going to sleep. You can use cotton balls, or makeup remover pads. You can usually find makeup remover at your local grocery store and drug store. Taking off your makeup before going to sleep is very important, it's bad for your skin if you don't remove it before going to sleep. Make sure you wash your face after too, it gets off the rest of the foundation and powder. Baby wipes work well, too. Another way is to apply olive oil (or any other kind of oil) to your entire face, rubbing it to make sure that all the makeup is covered. Then, wipe it off and rinse. It will take the makeup off and help your skin too. Go to beauty supply wholesale shops near your place to get A variety of makeup products - start with mascara, eyeliner, foundation/moisturizer, powder, eye shadow, lipstick and lip gloss, Mirrors, Brushes and a wedge sponge while making sure that the lighting is correct.

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