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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The God that failed

    The shrill sound of the despised alarm clock broke me from the comforting darkness that had enveloped me. Letting out a groan, I reached out to silence the clock, yet missed. The dreamless sleep in which I was lost in was now forever lost as the radio blared out some song as the faceless man moaned about the changing weather patterns and sudden storm which might hit the town in the night. The constant chatter of the radio jockey started to push the bone deep sleep ever so slowly away. Still half asleep, I started to mumble to the man whom I only knew as the Doc. I started to extend my arm to drag him a little closer, yet an empty bed with no warm body to greet me. My mind slowly became agitated and the sound of a train screeching to a halt while blaring out its whistle drew me out the turmoil I was floating in.

    Waking up from a deep sleep, I got out of the bed. My body was stiff and muscles sore from the events of last night. Looking at the empty bed, I called Doc out loud yet the empty house just echoed back my inquiring voice. The room was once more as empty as it was the previous day. Throwing the bed sheet off, I sat on the edge and wondered what happened and what my next course of action will be.

    Electricity poles, town lights and small houses started to turn off their lights as the night lowly turned into day. Time rolled on till I lost track of time. I had all but forgotten about the man who promised me millions if I could visit his lab later this evening visit and the events that seemed like happened in another lifetime until I pulled the sheets and pillow covers out onto the floor, my hands reached out and picked up the folded piece of paper. Opening it up, all I saw were two lines which instructed me to be at the lab for enhancements to help me deal with my disability which I hated so much. Payment transferred to an European account which I can access to withdraw funds tomorrow.

    Getting out of the taxi at the intersection of Main street and Old Henry street, I looked across to see an aging brownstone building. Hobbling across the street with the help of my cane, I reach a solid metal door with a horizontal clear glass looking piece in middle. Pressing the buzzer, I see a man stare at me momentarily and open the door to let me inside. The Doc who seemed so passionate last night had turned cold, calculating and a mad light showed through his eyes as he beckoned me to the table. A tinge of fear ran through me as callous hands grasped me and strapped me to the metal table. A syringe poked me roughly and I screamed as I felt me veins started to burn as if on fire.

    My mind was ablaze as if some door someplace opened up to fill it with pulsating energy. My lungs started to burn and the heart was pounding do hard that it felt like it was going to pop out. I felt intense pressure in my back, I shrieked out in pain as fatigue slowly overtook me as I felt my body shaking and my vision began to blur. Waking up after what seemed like many eons; I crawled to my knees and finally stood up. Startled, I looked at myself, scared and uncertain at the same time. “What has become of me?” I screamed in a rasping voice. Finding no answers, I looked around and saw mayhem of destruction from the people who tried to kill me a moment back. Spreading and stretching the huge wings, I started to flap them till, I started to rise into the sky. I looked around while I wondered how many will walk out on their own and how many will be carried out in body bags.

    As I hung effortlessly in the sky, the beings down below whose time had come felt hypnotized, lost in the bottomless pits of my eyes which were like endless blur of stars and seemed to draw them deeper inside. They ran shrieking around the room as I sucked in their life force and I drew it inside myself. Waking up as if from a daze, I looked at my pulsating hands and the blood splattered room. Looking around at the chaos, I vowed never to visit this place again and its makers shall reap a bitter harvest.

    Looking out the window, I see a misty morning sun creeping over the horizon. The dark moonless night had passed by as I had stood here in total darkness as if for the cleaning rays of dawn to purify me of the sins of my past as it broke over the horizon. As the delicate rays of the new dawn washed over me, I sat and wondered if the impure memories will ever let go off me. Turning around, I looked at the floor which was bare and the wooden boards creaked like doors with rusty joints as I walked across them. The sunlight flickered and threw shadows all over the room throwing my mind in more turmoil than it was already. The storm in my mind raged as fiercely and the tick tock of the clock was the only sound heard for awhile as I was lost in my own thoughts. It’s a beginning of a bright day yet bitter moments pulsate through the veins. I feel like a flotsam caught in a raging river. The clock starts to tick backward reminding me of the events that led to this. Resentment slowly starts to hardens the soul. Anger blinds me and colors my world red. Looking over my shoulder, I see a bloodied, groaning, half dead man. “Well doc, tell me a story. Tell me my story. Tell me in your own words if the experiment was a success while its still fresh on your mind? Do these wings look pretty? Can you feel the air as it surges towards you? DID YOU FEEL THE SEARING PAIN THAT I FELT WHEN YOU CUT ME OPEN? THE MENTAL AGONY?” Unsheathing the bloodied knife, I start to slowly walk towards him as the half dead man started to scream for mercy once more as if it could absolve him of the experiments done on me.