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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Edenpure for all your heating choices

    Winter is upon us and it is time to replace those aging inefficient heaters. So I started my search for the perfect heaters and it lead to an online site which explained all types of heaters to me in an easy to understand manner.

    A Edenpure heater is one product that all homes should have. It serves a very essential purpose during those cold weather months as it keeps everyone warm and comfortable. The hard and extreme temperatures of winter can be a very disabling experience for many. Heat is something that our bodies constantly needs as our bodies naturally have a low tolerance to cold. A room that has a heater installed will give a feeling of ease to enable you to relax in the comfort of your living space.

    My search finally lead to eden pure heaters infrared heaters. An infrared heater is a body with a higher temperature which transfers energy to a body with a lower temperature through electromagnetic radiation. Depending on the temperature of the emitting body, the wavelength of the infrared radiation ranges from 780 nm to 1 mm. The relationship between temperature and wavelength is expressed by the Wien's displacement law. No contact or medium between the two bodies is needed for the energy transfer. A rough classification of infrared heaters is connected to wavelength bands of major emission of the energy: short wave or near infrared for the range from 780 nm to 1400 nm, these emitters are also named bright because still some visible light with glare is emitted; medium infrared for the range between 1400 nm and 3000 nm; far infrared or dark emitters for everything above 3000 nm. edenpure heaters infrared heaters are commonly used in infrared modules (or emitter banks) combining several heaters to achieve larger heated areas.