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Friday, December 23, 2011

using id badge printer to make fantastic id lanyards cards

    There are so many benefits to having a id lanyards over what others provide. The most commonly used method to keep track of your ID card involves using a neck chain or an id lanyards. Everywhere you go people use Lanyards, many companies, universities, institutes and airports around the world use them. If you put your identification card in your wallet or in your pockets there's a big chance to misplace it or to forget it at home. Not to mention that looking for the card all day long in your pockets can be quite unpleasant. All this will go away when you decide to use a lanyard or a neck chain. Now you will have your identification card with you whenever you'll need it. These cards are very easy to customize, you can change the color of the chain or even use a beaded or metal chain. Lanyards are also good, because people can easily read your name, without you needing to take your identification card out of your pocket all the time to prove who you are.

    id badge printer are simply the best choice when a company wants to print their own badges to save costs. Yet, what is the correct way to do so? The typical background color is white. Text is easier to read and photos show better when the background is white. Most PVC cards that IDs are printed on are white. Special order cards are available in custom colors. Generally speaking, the darker the background, the harder the ID will be to read. There are two different styles of IDs available. One is horizontal and the other is vertical. Horizontal badges are typically placed in a wallet or in a badge holder. Vertical ID badges are more commonly worn around the neck from a lanyard.

    The most important parts of a photo ID badge are the picture, name, company, employee ID number and other critical information. Be sure you don’t make the ID badge too busy or fill it with too much text. You want the badge to be easily read. Darker text is easier to read and prints the best. IDs can also include a bar code and a magnetic stripe. Data is often encoded into the magnetic strip or bar code for use at door entries, parking garages, company cafeterias and more.