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Friday, December 23, 2011

Turbo boost your car with superchip

    You just bought a car, yet you are dissatisfied with it as it does not live up to your expectations. You take a look at your neighbors souped up car and your heart starts beating thousand times a minute and you want something just like it yet you do not have enough expertise nor money. There is still hope for you to make your dreams come true. You can add various components like a Diablosport Trinity, electronic boost controller or HPTuners to give your car the much needed performance boost. Let me try to explain each part one by one below.

    An electronic boost controller is a device to control the boost level produced in the intake valve of a turbo charged or a supercharged engine by affecting the air pressure delivered to the pneumatic and mechanical wastegate actuator. A boost controller can be a simple manual control which can be easily fabricated, or it may be included as part of the engine management computer in a factory turbocharged car, or an aftermarket electronic boost controller. Electronic boost control adds an air control solenoid and/or a stepper motor controlled by an electronic control unit. he same general principle of a manual controller is present, which is to control the air pressure presented to the wastegate actuator. Further control and intelligent algorithms can be introduced, refining and increasing control over actual boost pressure delivered to the engine.
    At the component level, boost pressure can either be bled out of the control lines or blocked outright. Either can achieve the goal of reducing pressure pushing against the wastegate. In a bleed-type system air is allowed to pass out of the control lines, reducing the load on the wastegate actuator. On a blocking configuration, air traveling from the charge air supply to the wastegate actuator is blocked while simultaneously bleeding any pressure that has previously built up at the wastegate actuator.
    Diablosport Trinity is one of the most advanced diagnostic tuning devices on the market today. With over 100MB of on board memory devoted solely to recording and playing back diagnostic PID/DMR data, it allows users to record hours and hours of continuous data streams directly from the vehicle’s PCM/ECM. The Trinity interprets PID and DMR data received from the OBD-II Diagnostic port on your vehicle and converts it into a readable format: A Virtual Gauge! Individual user customization is one of Trinity's most recognizable features. It offers the following features: Color Touch Screen, Advanced Data Acquisition with enhanced parameters, Customizable Gauges, Full Reflash / Reprogram Tuning and is housed in a slim, stylish and easy to use unit.

    HPTuners is an ECU tuning device. It allows you to connect to the ECU through the OBD diagnostic port underneath your steering wheel and edit the values and tables inside your ECU (also more commonly called a VCM by the HPT crew), and basically tune your car to the mods that you have. There is NO WIRING INVOLVED, unless you get an EIO (explained later), and even that isn't much of anything. There are two different types. Standard and EIO. The difference between them is listed below:

    - Standard Features
    Plugs directly into the OBD diagnostics port under the steering wheel, allows you to completely tune the editable parameters within your ECU. You can even upgrade your OS to a new version (for example, from a 2000 Standard to 2000+ GM S/C). This is done by getting a copy of the OS from somebody else and flashing it by using "Write Entire" to your ECU.

    - EIO Features
    With our Pro interface, you can use 0-5v signals from various sensors such as EGT, Wide Band, fuel pressure and others for sensor input in our scanner. You will have real time data from those sensors right next to your standard scan tool data such as TPS, RPM, MPH, etc.

    Our MPVI Pro interface also has black box data logging built in. What this means is you will be able to scan your vehicle without the use of a laptop using the interfaces record button. You can then take the interface into your home to transfer the log contents from the interface to the computer. This will be available in a software update shortly. If you have an MPVI Pro it will require no hardware modification. Also note that VCM Scanner comes with both interfaces regardless as it is part of our VCM Suite package.

    superchip optimize the performance of your car helping to maximize your driving pleasure. Your driving cars performance is restricted because a cars manufacturer have to allow for drivers who do not adhere to service schedules and who use sub-standard fuels. So if you want the best from your car, using superchips will free your engine from those restrictive limits thereby giving you more rewarding and exiting drive.

    It is sometimes necessary to reprogram ECU's to regulate and repair cars equipped with OBD systems which are do not conform with pollution emission values. Until now the ECU's reprogramming capabilities were integrated in OEM's specific diagnostic tools. A consumer had to rely on the car manufacturers dealership. Any non franchise dealership would have to invest several thousand dollars in obtaining specialized tools (one per Brand!) to be able to perform ECU reprogramming. This factor places the freelance dealership in a non competitive position which ultimately will impact a consumers' freedom of dealership choice. If EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has ordered for this reason, a SAE to define a norm called SAE j2534. This so called PASS THRU norm defines technically the protocols of communication which have to be supported by a standard vehicle communication interface in order to enable the flashing of the ECU's relevant for pollution emission. A device alone is not enough to reprogram the ECU's. To do that, you have to get the software application from the car manufacturer. This software application can be delivered on Internet or on a CD according to the manufacturer. Some car manufacturers decided to check their application with PASS THRU hardware devices in order to assure the function of a device together with the software. It is recommend you to check the compliance of a PASS THRU device and the recommendation of the car manufacturer before purchase.