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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Business Book Summaries

    It is that time of the year again when I have to upgrade my skills in order to get a promotion besides getting a raise. Moving up to the next level is not as easy as it used to be as we also have to increase our knowledge base and pass a written test and go through numerous in house interviews to see if the candidate is fit for the next level. So the frantic book hunt for executive book summaries was on to get the required books as I was lost in the sea of knowledge. The question that kept popping in my mind was where shall a person start to increase their knowledge database? It is a very difficult to choose the right books and once chosen then the place to purchase the books problem arises. Most companies have either courses or give funds to employees to increase their work related knowledge either through seminars or purchasing books to help them move ahead in life. many summaries can be rather time consuming to read and these days there is a better option by opting for a site that has hired a lot of people who reads books that makes a few page abstracts that conveys the knowledge that specific book bring to the table. Currently there are thousands of executive book summaries on the site, and it looked good, so I used some of the funds allotted to me by my employer to sponsor a subscription and get a head start on my career. There are a few sites which provide comprehensive, concise executive book summaries of the best business books available. Using stringent criteria, only the top business books should published each year are selected to be summarized. Book summary help users meet performance improvement requirements, provide paths to career advancement, and improve soft skills such as leadership, people management and communication. Professional business people use these summaries in their leadership development programs as a valuable learning content resource, designed to close competency gaps and improve overall business acumen of their staff.