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Saturday, October 22, 2011

CD and DVD Duplication

    There comes a time when we have software collecting in our computer hardware yet we do not have a backup of the software nor the original disk anymore. They might either have been lost, damaged or simply outdated due to advancement of technology. What should a person do in this case? There are various options when it comes to cd replication and cd duplication. To start off, let me explain what these terms mean. cd replication is a physical production process that involves actually pressing the discs during manufacture from a glass master. Replicated discs are also referred to as CD ROM discs, with the 'ROM' standing for 'Read-Only Memory' (as opposed to the CD-R where the 'R' stands for 'Recordable').

    cd duplication involves burning standard or special shape with a laser in standard cd writer drive. The 'R' after the format type stands for 'Recordable' (As opposed to replicated disks which are referred to as cd rom where the 'ROM' stands for 'Read-Only Memory' as these discs cannot be burnt at all and are pressed at the time of manufacture). This type of cd duplication production is ideal for smaller print runs of less than 2000 discs, or where the discs are required very quickly. These discs are typically applied with photo-glossy labels that have been printed in a very high quality laser printer. The laser print process is smudge-proof and allows full colour printing that is suitable for photographs or complex colour gradients.