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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Data Handling

    Moving to a new city was not too difficult as I had imagined even though it did take up a lot of effort and my life was a bit disorganized until I got the house in order. Living alone made me realize the importance of keeping my computer in good running order as I was told that it will help me keep organized and up to date. So, I changed my lifestyle and started to look at the various solutions offered for it.

    So, on a dull weekend I started to surf the television channels, browsed through newspapers/magazines for backup and recovery options. I was hopelessly lost at the various options available so I called up friends but nothing seemed to give me the answers I wanted. So, I fired up the computer and logged in to the net and started surfing randomly and trying to find something which might catch my eye. I needed something different. That is when I stumbled upon data center consolidation. Planning a data center consolidation requires knowing your current state -- exactly what you have, where it is and its configuration and connectivity -- and designing your desired state. It also requires the ability to communicate all future plans to the appropriate individuals for approval and implementation. Finally, successful data center consolidation are predicated upon having the systems to effectively and efficiently manage and report on the status of the project throughout its duration.

    The site dealt with topics connected with all types of topic connected with storage and I was totally floored with the detail given. This awesome site totally knocked me out. One of the tools like the storage virtualization can help any organization in cutting unnecessary costs and using the freed up funds for more productive things in their organization. storage virtualization is a concept and term used within computer science. Specifically, storage systems may use these concepts as a tool to enable better functionality and more advanced features within the storage system. Broadly speaking, a 'storage system' is also known as a storage array or a filer. Storage systems typically use special hardware and software along with disk drives in order to provide very fast and reliable storage for computing and data processing. Storage systems are complex, and may be thought of as a special purpose computer designed to provide storage capacity along with advanced data protection features. Disk drives are only one element within a storage system, along with hardware and special purpose embedded software within the system. Storage systems can provide either block accessed storage, or file accessed storage.