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Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Soliloquist

    If you are looking for a blog which is a combination of expression of thoughts and sentiments, socialization, entertainment, information, technology, downloads and money-making then The Soliloquist is the right place to be. This is one of the few good quality site that can be recommended to others. The blog page itself looks awesome. I simply love the graphics and the page setup. The posts are written in a well planned, thought out way. He seems to have a wide variety of interests. Maybe, this could be the reason why he can write so well on so many topics. He seems like an excellent writer and he has created a must visit site. It is updated on a regular basis. But I must say that it was not just the beautiful blog page that had caught my eye; it was the steady stream of posts which he churned out. Make a point to visit this site and hopefully you will find something you will like. I sure did.

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      Yeho said...

      Hi Nikhil! I've already added both your blogs. It'd be great if you could add
      Everything Kimchi and The Cake Chronicles to your blog rolls. Cheers!