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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another dull day.

    Yes it still was an exceptionally dull day. Not even the fly was interested in bothering me. It seemed like a scene out of a western movies almost. I guess the only things that were missing were the dusty roads and the cowboy on a horseback. Some country music was on playing in the background and I was not really up to changing it. All I was doing was just sitting in the recliner and trying to find something to grab my attention. Hot damn!!!! just then I heard the tinkle, tinkle of the ice cream truck making its rounds. I was racing down the street like a five year old kid and hoping I'll reach there before the rest. But no luck here either. The ice cream driver must have seen me coming, since he stopped his truck, back up and raced out of the colony mighty quick. Oh well. Since I was out of the house, I decided to visit my friends place and raid his fridge instead. Rang the doorbell and rushed in before he could realize what was happening. Opened the door of the fridge and jumped right in. Boy, I did not realized how famished a person could get just by goofing off. Lol. All right. I had my fill and I fell asleep again. As I was drifting off, I heard my buddy laughing his head off and saying out loud...."You never change, no matter what."

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