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Sunday, August 3, 2008

It is a total knock out

    It was a Sunday, and I was really bored. I surfed the television channels, browsed through newspapers/magazines, called up friends but nothing seemed to satisfy. So, I fired up the computer and logged in to the net and started surfing. I was surfing randomly and trying to find something which might catch my eye. I needed something different. That is when I stumbled upon Total Knock Down. This site deals with sports that involves total knock down, boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA). This awesome site totally knocked me out. It seems that the author of this blog is very passionate about sports like boxing and through his blog I have rediscovered my passion for sports like boxing and martial arts which I had simply forgotten all about. The articles are very well written and concise and are very entertaining to read. The articles were so well written that it seemed that I was right in the midst of the action itself. So if you are a boxing fan and would like news related to this sport, then this is a must visit site. You will certainly get your boxing fix. You will certainly enjoy it a lot.