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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What I usually do after dinner.

    When I usually get up in the morning, my usual rotuine is to get some caffine inside me and grab the morning paper. This is usually followed by shower and breakfast. By this time I usually discover that I am running mighty late and I rush out of the house like a tornado. As time flows by my eyes keeping wandering to the clock wondering when it will be time to go back home. I am usually at home before six pm unless I have to stop by the market. Since, I do not go early to bed. I spend the time after my dinner either with my computer, books or tv. So, generally I do the most important tasks this time. If I've got enough time to relax still I dont go to bed right after dinner. I spend atleast 2-3 hrs by net surfing or listning to music or reading books. Sometimes when I am feeling very lazy, especially after I finish my dinner, I ll lie down on my sofa and promptly take the remote in my hand and surf thru the channels until I find something interesting. After some time, go back, sleep comfortably on the bed.