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Monday, March 21, 2011

Promoting ones business

    Sometime back, one of my buddies decided to quit the company where he was working and get into his own business as he saw a lot of opportunity in this field and he also had acquired a lot of experience in the buying and selling business. No matter how hard he tried, he could not locate the right tools to make his business a total success as the right communication tools were missing which he needed to get in touch with the customers across a wide area. The web site which the company was using extensively to keep customers updated was not great as the quality was so poor that it ended up giving a really bad impression. Customers were not happy and they ended up not doing business with us. Going through all the options available to us, we discovered that the inefficient web site which had used to before was the bottleneck. Looking at the choices available, we discovered a solution to our problem.

    The kind of situation that usually drove customers away was not receiving the correct information or being able to interact with the customer support service in a timely manner and nothing seemed to go right as something or other was going wrong. You see, the one major event which made us realize that we needed an overhaul was when last year we had to consolidate all the different records, total up our profit and loss and finally print out a lot of reports. Initially everything seemed to work just right until the customer complaints brought it to our notice. It was a high stress time and everyone panicked. So, we made a frantic phone call to the company which took care of all the paid search marketing solutions.

    The crisis management guys arrived just in time to see what crisis was brewing in our office at this time. Upon checking, it was found out that there was not any major defect with the existing system we were using. We put the decision to replace it and moved on to the next generation web site system. The whole system was overhauled in a jiffy and at an affordable price also.