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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Caribbean Hotels

    The vacation time is almost upon us and the routine is getting to me. I would love to run off to some pleasant spot to spend my free time. I was hunting around for some affordable vacations when I discovered a travel agent who mentioned there were quite a few good value all inclusive vacation packages and he was sure that something could be found to fit my budget. I was given a few of the better value vacation packages and destinations options and it took us some time to narrow down the choices to a manageable pile. I decided to look for a vacation package in Jamaica.

    After going through the different brochures which were shown to me, I simply loved the Ocho Rios area and there were many Ocho Rios hotels - and there was a great resort in the nearby tourist town of Runaway Bay that had a great golf course. This resort has a 22 mile of beachfront location.

    Further down the same coast at Trelawny is the Rio Bueno Resort, an award winning resort that replicates a Jamaican seaside village. This resort occupies many acres and has its own au naturel section. Also in Trelawny is the Trelawny Bay Resort which is a great resort for families and couples alike.

    On the west coast there is the well known Negril Jamaica beach and there are choice resorts located right on this world famous white sand beach.

    All of these resorts have all inclusive vacation packages which have something to please everyone. What really got me hooked to the idea of visiting Jamaica was the great resorts and the all inclusive packages. I was informed that these include all meals, drinks, snacks, entertainment, and a variety of land/water sports. With all of this included, and since tipping is not allowed at these resorts, your wallet will be as full when you leave as it was when you arrived.

    So if you are like me, you probably agree Jamaica hotels looks like a vacation spot with much to offer anyone looking for a good value and fun vacation. So go ahead and plan out your next vacation in style and still get the best value for your money. Maybe I will see you there?