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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cool with Geothermal

    The heat pump utilizes a loop of refrigerant sucked through a vapor compressed refrigeration cycle moving heat either in or out. The source of heat is actually much more stable and continuous than air based heat which tends to be less controlled. The other benefit is that a geothermal heat pump can also be used to pump the heat out of your house for instant cooling during hot weather. Geothermal heat pumps are also more economically friendly and can reduce the effects of pollution, electricity, and global warming.

    geothermal air conditioning works as a loop which is installed underground to a depth where the ground water is a constant 72 degrees. Since most people keep the temperature of their homes around this range, the temperature of air going into the house does not need to be heated or cooled very much at all. This saves a quite a bit of energy.

    geothermal cooling uses two different methods to implement the cooling process: water-to-air systems or water-to-water systems. Water-to-air systems replace central air conditioning systems by using a liquid coolant to transfer the energy into the air that can then be blown throughout a structure. Water-to-water systems use a large system of liquid spread throughout the building that is cooled, keeping the area at a stable temperature. The water-to-water system has the bonus of working very effectively at heating as well. The main advantage of using geothermal cooling is that it does not use fuel or chemicals to regulate the temperature. Central air conditioning devices use materials that can be harmful to the environment. They also create carbon emissions that pollute the atmosphere.