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Friday, August 14, 2009

Rediscovering old friends and offering a mixed bag

    It seems like sometimes we run across certain things which amaze or startle us or makes us laugh our head off. I ran across something which made me stop and go back and take a second look since I liked what I saw. It looks like some people from my older Yahoo360 contact page are still adding me to their new Yahoo360 profile as many people are still migrating to the new page. One of my contacts had this eye catching avatar. It was not a picture but a phrase which caught my attention which I would probably use in certain situations where no other words would have a similar impact. So, next time someone irritates/confounds you, just simply reply with "I don't know what your problem is but I bet it's hard to pronounce".
    Otherwise, it's good to run into many of my online buddies which I thought had forgotten all about me or which had migrated to other sites and left the older sites. It seems like when the Yahoo360 was having its problems, alot of people who were using it to either keep in touch with others or to express their ideas/thoughts etc become soo dissatisfied with the irritating errors that kept popping on a regular basis. I had lost a few posts and the Flickr application didn't quiet mess correctly with the Yahoo360.
    Multiply it seems like is more stable as the site administrators are on their toes and are quiet regular in fixing the bugs that pop up every so often. One irritating really thing which I noticed here is that I cannot do a copy/paste from inside the Compose Blog Entry until I publish it. Otherwise it's a stable site where I have only a few complaints with.
    The weather has turned mighty pleasant this morning. The sky is overcast and a pleasant is blowing the window. It might actually rain in the next 24 hour period. I hope is does rain since we've been having a dry year. It's rather hot and humid for the last many days and a heavy rainfall will greatly reduce the humidity to some extent.
    We've been having a rather dry monsoon period as we had deficient rainfall this year. Agriculture sector has been adversely and it seems the grain output might be well below the desired level. The already high food prices might rise even further and it seems like we end up spending most of our monthly earning on essential items. There is less and less amount to save for the uncertain future. For alot of people, financial planning has gone into tailspin and I guess we all have to work extra hard to shore up our savings once more.
    Life is uncertain and we do get a mixed bag when we start of in our journey called life. Hopefully, next year will be a bit better than the current mess we are in. The financial planning schedule which I had so diligently adhered to for so many years will be back on track by next year. I guess I have to create a larger contingency fund in order to meet these emergency situations. All of us had a run in and no one was spared. I guess the ones which had some financial foresight were not as severely affected as others. What really matters in the end of the day is that we should not lose hope, have grit and determination to start fresh once more if the need arises.