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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dressing up that window

    When one of my relative shifted into a new apartment and the first thing that I noticed when I visited his place was how bare, dull and boring it looked. The room looked so bleak, dreary and so drab. He really hated the look of the bare windows. Since he really didn’t did not know what to do to spice up the looks, he called me over for some advice. Even after filling it up with all types of furniture, it just didn’t seem quite right. We went through all the rooms with different furniture combinations and went through all types of ideas but nothing seemed to click.

    We spent many days going to different places and looking at all the different setups to get some ideas. But we really didn’t find anything which would look nice at his place. Sure, we got a bunch of ideas, but nothing seemed to click. So one night while I was browsing though the net looking for something for the house, I noticed a particular site by where you can help with all of your interior window treatment needs... They had some really excellent quality and beautifully designed blinds, shades, enclosures shutters, and enclosures. These high quality items seemed to be affordable and are sure to fit his budget. All items seem to be of high quality and this company is giving a lifetime guarantee on their products as long as the original retail purchaser owns the product for defects in materials, workmanship or failure to operate. This is really great when you consider that most online web sites just do not provide the same service and a much shorter warranty period which is just too inadequate to know what type of product you have gotten and what types of hidden defects it might contain. What really attracted me to this site is that they are leading supplier of window products for over 60 years and have an unsurpassed reputation in their chosen field. He is sure to get not only an excellent product, but also a wide variety of products to choose from. Since there are no middle men, I know that we can get the best price possible.

    I am really glad that I have found this site since the dull boring rooms now look like works of art if done properly. Let’s see what happens and hopefully he is able to choose the right stuff for his house and all the hard work that I have put in doesn’t go to waste. My worst nightmare at this time is that hopefully he doesn’t go color blind and chooses horrible glaring and conflicting colors or really inappropriate products even though the company does provide trained and qualified staff will help the customer select the products, colors, and options that best suit their needs. If he screws up this easy task, I’ll have to take him to the eye doctor. Lol. Hopefully, he’ll have the house fully ready by next week so that it will look good for the house warming party which he was planning to hold.