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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Replying to an older post

    Over the period of time I have more or less gone into a fixed routine when it comes to my net activities. There is hardly any variation unless the net is down for some reason. For some time now, my routine would be to check for the posts that my friends have posted on their sites. But if there is nothing I cannot that I can add to their posted discussion I will then check at a later stage for 'new’ discussions. There are also times when all the current discussions just don’t seem to strike a chord within me to reply to. Hence, I skip these posts for the time being. But lately, I have figured that 'new' post with similar thoughts or subject can be ignored once proven that it is very similar to discussions previously posted either by the same person or someone else. It may be unfair, but that's how I go about my work on many of my sites. I also skip some of the really dumb posts or questions. I usually skip any set of questions and posts that are full of incorrectly spelled words and contain really stupid syntax errors. If they cannot do a simple thing like write a normal coherent post with a proper paragraphing with little or no errors then the person needs to improve their skills before they start posting again. Why torment the public with poor writing skills? So, would you post/reply to discussions posted months ago? Do you care to see if the discussions you responding is a re-post? How do you usually respond to the posted discussion here in Multiply or any other site? Oh yes one more thing, Please respond to one of my discussions. Thank you.