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Friday, February 3, 2012

Using lawsuit funding to tide over hard times

    Legal financing, also known as litigation financing, professional funding, settlement funding, or lawsuit funding is a generic term used to describe the mechanism or process through which litigants (and even law firms) can finance their litigation or other legal costs through a third party funding company. These third party funding companies provide cash advance to litigants in exchange for a percentage share of the judgment or settlement. However, if the case proceeds to trial and the litigant loses, the third party funding company receives nothing and loses the money they have invested in the case. In other words, if the litigant loses, he does not have to repay the money. Accordingly, to qualify for funding with a legal financing company, a litigant's case must have sufficient merits.

    Lawsuits are expensive. Legal financing can help avoid financial disaster during the pending of a lawsuit, which can take months or years. The money is used not just to pay for litigation, but also for personal matters such as to avoid foreclosure, eviction, bankruptcy, etc. The funding may be used to benefit others, such has to keep a child in college or to pay child support. In addition, the funding can be used for surgical procedures for plaintiffs that would otherwise be unable to pay, thereby getting the needed medical procedures to improve his health and quality of life. Statistics provided from one of the larger firms within the industry demonstrate that over 62% of funds provided to plaintiffs are used to stop a foreclosure or an eviction order. Legal financing, which allows plaintiffs to avoid financial ruin, gives them the peace of mind needed to continue litigating their lawsuit.

    The attorney funding give attorneys the opportunity to obtain the funds needed to carry out the litigation process until a settlement is reached. The attorney funding provide relief to many attorneys or law firms you may have thousands or even millions of dollars tied up in case costs. This can often leave an attorney or law firm in a cash flow crunch while they are waiting for a basket of cases to settle.