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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

luxury bedding adds zing to life

    luxury bedding defines the finest in bed linens from around the world. The latest technology and manufacturing practices weave unimaginable luxury into the cotton, silk, linen, organics, and innovative products. The new generation of cellulose yarns, obtained from the wood pulp of managed forests bring a distinct hand feel and silkiness to the modern luxury linens. A good company understands that your selection of luxury bedding is important to you. They should take great care to insure that you are completely satisfied with the quality, hand feel, and beauty of your linens. After all, much like your home's furnishings and decor, luxury bedding is very much an investment in your home. For that reason, they personally meet with each manufacturer to select only the bedding and linen products that meet our high standards. The company should continually add new products, so that whenever you visit their site you should be able to see latest additions to choose from.

    When you begin your search for the perfect luxury bed linen you may run into certain terms that appear unfamiliar. The first of these and possibly one of the most important is thread count. This is a very simple concept and refers to the number of threads per square inch that make up the sheet. Thread count is often one of the easiest ways to recognize the quality of a piece of luxury bedding. The higher the thread count in your bedding the better. A higher thread count not only gives luxury bedding its incredible softness but it also gives it incredible durability and shrink resistance. The reason for this is because more threads per square inch creates a much tighter weave that will resist most of the pitfalls encountered with standard bedding such as piling, shrinkage, and durability issues. Percale is a term that is used to describe the weave of a fabric. Percale is a medium weight tightly woven fabric that has low gloss characteristics and washes very well. At first touch many people notice how incredibly smooth percale feels. An important fact to note about the term percale is that it is a reference to the weave of the fabric not the content. That means that you can have a percale sheet that is a solid color or has a printed pattern, percale is a very flexible medium for luxury bedding. Percale can be 100 percent cotton, a or a blend between polyester and cotton, or just about any other ratio of fibers.