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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The cursed cat

    As the window rolled down, the pine scented breeze ruffled my coat of hair as I took a deep breath. I twirled my head right and left as the sounds of birds filled my ears and the smell of other creatures teased me till my eyes flew wide open. The sensory overload, the blood pumping through my veins was fueling my hunger and I felt like the hunger grow in me. The intoxicating smell seemed to unwind the coiled up stress which had been building up inside me for the last many days. The dirt road slowly wound its way through the forest. As I headed down the crest, I saw the old dilapidated house so sat on a slight rise at the edge of a forest. The blazing sun slowly made its way across the clear blue sky. As I headed closer, a weather beaten, aging house loomed into the sky whose windows were boarded up and it showed no sign of life. I let out a loud sigh as I realized that nature had taken its toll on the once pristine mansion which I had left awhile back.

    Pulling up to the front door, Tom stopped the car as I hopped out warily step out not knowing what to expect. The door opens just as Tom was about to knock and out of the shadows appeared a huge bearded burly man emerges. Looking at me yet speaking to Tom "Master is not at home yet he told me to expect your visit. Come inside and unwind in the library over there. I'll bring you food and drinks and put your luggage away in the bedroom upstairs" was all he said as he wandered off into the dark hallway.

    Through the old wooden partially open door, bright yellow light was spilling out. As the door creaked open, a startled bird flew out making me gasp out loud and take a step backwards. Looking inside, I saw cobwebs everywhere and a thick layer of dust covering everything. I started to cough as a thin layer of dust started to float as I started to walk across the floor. In the distance I saw a dust covered table with a table light. Walking over Tom flipped on the study light on the desk. It was a large room with a blazing fireplace at the very far end. Wooden book shelves lined one end of the wall while there was a large window at the opposite end. Hoping on the top of a sofa and looking out the window, I could see the car in the fading light.

    Tom sunk into the couch and started to flip through an old magazine. There was a soft knock on the door and a gentle cough. Turning around, I saw a dark skinned old man standing near the door who started to move swiftly towards Tom. Air was knocked out of him as he felt a fist and then a swift kick strike him in quick succession.

    As the human started to lose consciousness, I looked up to see the old man walking to the far end off the room. After what seemed like many eons, my eyes focused on the dark skinned man near me. He seemed to sense that I was staring at him and turned his head towards me. “His darkness shall never clear as he tries to claw back from the nameless horror pits which he has been dragged to. You’ve brought a good specimen.”

    “I want that mirror in exchange.” I hissed.
    “Bring me another and you’ll be released from the curse.”
    “No. The matter is settled as per your promise. I reclaim my lost destiny now.” I hopped towards the mirror, looked at my reflection and started to recite an old forgotten verse. I screamed as my lungs started to burn and the heart was pounding do hard that it felt like it was going to pop out. I felt intense pressure throughout my body, I shrieked out in pain as fatigue slowly overtook me as I felt my body shaking and my vision began to blur. Waking up after what seemed like many eons; I crawled to my knees and finally stood up. Flexing my arms and hands, I looked at myself, scared and uncertain at the same time. “Free of the curse that you placed on me wizard. What will become of you now old man?” I screamed in a rasping voice. Finding no answers, I looked around and saw a panic stricken man shaking like a twig in a storm

    A door opens in the distance once more and out of the shadows appeared a huge bearded burly man emerges. Looking around he sees a muscular brooding man sitting on a couch facing the fireplace. Letting out a gasp, the startled man whispers "What happened to master?” "No need to worry. I've met him and the matter is settled. Put that mirror on that shelf over there." I growled back. “I have put the personal belonging of the man you came with upstairs and told him to wait here. Shall I go and look for him?" "No. he’s lying dead behind the couch. Throw the body down into the basement." The servant leaves as the muscular man looks around a last time and leaves the room. In the dark room, the wizard is seen trying to look out and pound the glass. It starts the shake and a soft moan is heard as if waiting and seeking some relief from the prison that it’s been trapped in.