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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bitten by the travel bug

    The big day for which you have been waiting for is almost here. Yes, it is almost your yearly vacation time and you still have not decided on the destination. It is difficult to find that special place you are looking for at the last moment and a generous amount of help is needed at times like this. One of my friends was in such a situation and I volunteered to help out. So, I logged onto the net and I was desperately searching the net for a perfect vacation spot in Australia as it is one of the main destination points for fun seekers. During the search, I discovered some really great vacation spots which can be used to really impress the people who will want to see your vacation photos at a later date.

    While doing the search, I discovered that there is a Accor Hotels 3-Day Super Sale Asia Pacific campaign going on which runs for only 3 days 27 Oct 09 to 29 Oct 09. In this 3 day Super Sale about one million hotel rooms across Asia Pacific can be gotten at an at amazing rate starting as low as US$30 per night.

    This Super Sale coincides with record-low air fares across the Asia Pacific region allowing travelers to enjoy some of the world's most exciting cities at bargain rates. The best part was that we discovered that Accor is global leader in services to corporate clients and public institutions, operates in nearly 100 countries with 150,000 employees. It offers to its clients over 40 years of expertise in hotel and service sector. What can be better than going with the leader?

    A perfect vacation might not seem an important to a layman initially, but a right choice will make you feel terrific and maximizing the enjoyment once you land there. Choose one of the packages offered which will make your trip enjoyable and makes the memory last a lifetime. It may take some work hunting for the right company to choose the package from, but your trip is worth the trouble. On an ending note, try to remember that where ever you decide to do, it is the right company which makes it all the more worthwhile. So, go ahead and try out their packages and be a little adventurous. After all, it’s all about having fun also. So, in the end we ended up booking our holiday plan now for stays between December 09 to April 10 so that we can enjoy some of the world's most exciting cities from around the world at bargain rates. So, go ahead and book your trip today and have the time of your life without being stressed out.

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