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Thursday, July 9, 2009

What blows your fuse?

    As you all must have realized by now, life is a hard task master and it tries to make things as difficult for us as possible at certain times. These difficult times are real stress points that we encounter in life and certain points really blow our fuses.

    There are quite a few things that really blow my fuse. For example:

    •People who think that they are more superior/better than others or with overbearing personality.

    •Just too many excuses. I'm so tired of hearing excuses all the time that if I hear a few more, I might just go bonkers. I can deal when people tell me that they did try their best yet failed, but I'm so tired of the “I can't” attitude of many able bodied people.

    •Drawing conclusions about others without knowing much about the person at all. I have noticed that many people just love to go around and draw false conclusions from appearances, stereo type them into certain categories and judge them without even knowing what they are all about. That is just not fair at all.

    •I really hate it when parents cannot discipline/control their kids. These days, the kids are so in disciplined and rowdy that I sometimes wonder what our future holds for us. Till about two decades back, I distinctly remember that that teachers/parents weren’t afraid to discipline kids who stepped out of bounds. Nowadays, it’s like if the kid gets out of hand, he/she usually gets away with a much lighter punishment then they actually deserve.

    •Finally, what really ticks me off are all the rash, irresponsible drivers on the roads. It’s just not the young crowd, but the adults as well who act all aggressive and think that the public roads are their personal race track.

    I am quite sure that as you go around with your daily routine, you will encounter certain situations which could have been handled more effectively by others. So tell me: What drives you up the wall when you are dealing with others? How do you deal with it? Do these situations really bug the hell out of you?

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