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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Do you believe in free will?

    God is not only an all powerful being but also one of the best administrators. When he finally rolls up his/her sleeve and starts doing his/her work something is bound to happen. After giving it some thought it seems like he like to do a bit of meddling, poking, adjusting and sometimes a bit of forgiving. OK wait. What God really loves is just not meddling and poking and maybe forgiving, but also psychoanalyzing and scrutinizing and prying, gossiping and complaining and moderating, sighing and punishing and condemning, all while He/she shakes His/her big, shaggy head or finger in your general direction at your various petty sins and misbehavior's every single day regarding pretty much every single thought you have.

    This brings me to the topic of Free Will. We are all given something called Free Will/Choice by God. How we utilise it is up to us. by using our Free Will we end up making various kind of decisions in life....some good, some bad and others which are simply horrible. In the end of the day, life is basically just a sum of our choices and we should come to term with it so that we end up with a less troubled and comlicated life. When we finally do meet God at the end of our journey, I honestly do believe that he/she will judge us not by our high or low points but what the end result was. We basically end up getting a mixed bag when starting out in life and we simply have to deal with the daily events to the best of our ability. Free Will comes into play when we come at crossroads in our journey through life.

    Finally, at the end of our journey we realise that the only thing permanent is our soul/spirit. The physical form which we are so attached to is only for this plane of existance and we get our just rewards according to our actions in our present life. Some believe in reincarnation where we either get punished or rewarded in our next life or our present life is due to our actions in our previous life. How much control we do we really have in our life is entirely up to us. This is due to the fact that we have been given a decision making capability which helps us to make the choices which are either right or wrong are our own and so are the end results. Live life to the fullest and never carry any excess baggage in your journey through life. One must always do a bit of spring cleaning so that the junk doesn't collect up there and weigh us down heavily.