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Saturday, May 14, 2011

The fly

    Hanging upside down on the ceiling, everything down below seems distant. Feeling a little hungry, I start flapping my wings, turn right side up and start flying around to see what I could find. As I fly around the room, I near a window and see that it’s a chilly morning. There is a slight mist in the air and it’s a bit dusty outside as the vehicles go back and forth across the dusty roads. City life has quieted down a bit and only a few tractors, a bunch of two wheelers/cars and a handful of commercial trucks are whizzing by as if some mean spirited spirit is after them.

    Flying around I try to make an exit, yet I keep bouncing off some invisible wall. I feel trapped yet can’t go out. As I sit on the glass pane rubbing my legs together, I see a man down below enter the room, sees that its messy and exits promptly. I lose interest and start buzzing around slowly in a figure eighth till I see a shadow below me. It seems like he’s wandering around trying to broom the room, yet it throws a fit and the dusty house ends up looking like a war zone. Getting irritated, the human starts to take his anger out on me by shooing and swatting me with the broom so that I don’t end up seeing his folly. As I buzz around the house, I see that the other people who seem as lost as the one in the other room and wandering around like zombies. Some person below walks out of the kitchen with a tray of donuts and coffee. Landing on the donut, I start to nibble it unmindful of the mad hand motion of someone trying to shoo me away. Momentarily disturbed by the wild motions of the donuts, I fly off and land on the edge of the coffee mug. As I sip the coffee, I wonder if I should venture out in the mad chaotic world out there to see if the pile of garbage has grown any larger or if there is a new pile of cow manure nearby. The scent that wafts through the area calls out to me and I want to explore what it has to offer.

    Having had my fill, I start to wander some more like a lost bug in a haystack. Looking around, it seems like I am sticking on a living room wall. Yet, it looks more like a warehouse. It seems like someone had gone shopping awhile back and dumped all the bags on the small couch chairs as well as the large one leaving very little room for anyone to sit down. Deciding to rest my tired wings, I make myself comfy on the edge of an old chair in the corner while looking at the different cloud shapes which seemed to lazily float past.

    As I start to wander around some more, I fly into a kitchen and something is being cooked on the gas stove. A sweaty woman is flipping something furiously on a black tava which is sitting on the stove. Feeling a little overpowered by all the food smells, I start to cough and wheeze. Feeling a little dizzy as the smoke gets into my eyes and wings feel heavy as the oil coats them, I weave out of the room and fall into a bucket of water. A man wrapped in a towel wanders out of a dark room and heads towards the bucket. Picking up a bar of soap, he bends over to pick up the plastic bucket. His wandering gaze stops on a swimming fly and a frown starts to appear on his face. A scrawling man looks down and scoops me out and throws me some distance away.

    I crawl out to the cemented driveway to seek some safety. Spotting a chair, I manage to make it to the edge of the porch and start flapping my wings. As they start to dry, I rise higher and higher till I sit in one corner as my eyes wander around to see what’s new in my world. I see the same old stuff as the last time I ventured here. It’s the same old two wheeler, an old car and a small new car at the very end near the gate. It seems like a good car, though I cannot see much as it has tinted windows. Hoping no one is sitting inside looking at me while pulling out a spray can of a bug killer I veer off to the other side and land on the boundary gate and I see the bridge in front of the house. Few people are walking on it while the rest have some ride to take them to the other side. Looking here and there, I notice that the front yard has turned into a jungle. A frog is eyeing me, smacking its lip and whistling me to come closer. The ever so common lizard is sunning itself on one of the walls while looking at me and gesturing me to fly into its open mouth.

    Getting really bored by all this activity, I gave up looking for excitement and decide to head off to some more exciting place like the cow that seems to be wandering down the street. It starts to flap its ears as I fly inside and come out once more. It starts shaking its head side by side and snorts while shaking its head crazily. It jumps a few times and starts galloping down the street. Losing all bearing, I spin round and round. The last thing I see a fast approaching Takix. As I try to wander off to the garbage dump which calls out my name, I feel something wet wrap around me, yanked backwards as constricting muscles start to pull me under.