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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fear of the number

    Are you afraid of something? I guess we all are afraid of something? I remember when I was growing up, I was afraid of the closet in my room and the basement as I felt that there was something hidden in there. It felt like it was ready to jump out and gobble me right then and there and that too without ketchup and mustard. I really do not know how these two fears took root in my mind, but as other silly childhood fears these also were banished from my mind.

    The closet monster was easier one to handle at that time. Turn on the light, move around the hanging clothes and satisfy the restless mind that there is nothing there. But, the closet monster kept popping up in my mind just when I was ready to go to sleep no matter how hard I tried to banish it. The basement monster always seemed to lurk either under the stairs or under the hollow crevice under the garage eager to do me harm. Whenever I had to go down there, I was always a bit hesitant that something was lurking down there hiding under the stairs and waiting to grab my leg. So, I used to walk a few steps down and peek here and there to make sure that all was ok before venturing down there.

    Some people have other fears like streets/ alleys, hallways, mirrors and at times, certain types of houses. Certain kind of painting I find disturbing especially the ones with people faces. Have you ever noticed that the eyes seem to follow you everywhere and it seems like they are following you around. Mirrors and waters are odd things it seems. Did you know that mirrors and water can be considered as gateways to other worlds or to the other side?