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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Handling telemarketers

    At one time not too long ago, I used to get irritated receiving call from telemarketers. But now I have really started to feel indifferent towards these telemarketers. It seems that now I have started to handle them better. There are a few tricks that can be used when talking to them, which can be used to make these experiences fun for me and it usually prevents the telemarketer from calling a second time.

    Some of the things I do are:

    1. I tell them that as I am hard at hearing, I ask them to speak louder and make them repeat every sentence many times.
    2. Ask them to talk very slowly and repeat everything starting from the beginning as I need to write down everything they say. Or
    3. Tell them to call on the other phone and give them the number of another telemarketer. Maybe they can irritate each other.
    4. Just lay the phone down and walk away while they're talking.
    5. Ask them for their home phone number so I can call them at home while I'm at work
    6. Just hang up. Hey, I sometimes feel awful doing it because I know these people are just trying to make an honest living, but they call at the WORST times!

    Sometimes, when I pick up the phone and suddenly realize that it is a telemarketer, and I am in no mood to use the above method and I want to disengage from the call real quick, I have a different method. Once they start talking me simply state that I am not interested and to please remove me from their list and then I hang up. Since calls really are monitored and recorded, they have to follow protocol and deal with my wishes appropriately.

    When I am really busy I let the phone ring, and if I am on my computer, I do not bother answering the phone any way. Also, considering that I have a caller ID, I know who is calling and I answer the phone accordingly. I really do not have time for telemarketing people who are pushing products and services which are usually of no use for me.
    On a final note, I would like to say that they are really just doing their job. I know that sometimes we get really irritated because of them, but we should also bear with them... since they are just doing their job which really isn't easy.