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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Four Rambling Thoughts

    1.) At times I wish the Google+ site had a comment section like the one we had at Multiply or the "Write Post/Share Photo" option of Facebook. This site is good and seems to suit alot of folks, yet if this sites borrows a few features from other sites like Facebook then more users will probably start using it on a regular basis and hopefully pose a challenge to FB one day. 

    2.) Does anyone else feel or has observed that many folks are lacking common sense and social etiquette when interacting with others? Take a look around and you'll see that folks have a short attention span, short tempered and have a hard time interacting with others.

    3.) The days are getting cooler and shorter. Winter will soon be upon us. Sooner or later, quilts, jackets and sweaters will be pulled out. Peanuts will hit the market sometime in December and other winter vegetables will follow soon.

    4.) Time and the change it brings is the only thing constant in our lives. Events happen. Some minor and others major occur in every persons life. Some things are life altering events like birth of a child or death of a family member. How much have you changed in the last decade?