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Sunday, February 15, 2015

The National Obsession.

    Let's talk about sport. Just like anything else in life, a sporting activity can draw our attention, mesmerize us leading us to become addicted by it. Sometimes it's only a section of society that follows a certain sport and at other times it's the whole nation. One sport which has drawn my attention recently is cricket. These days cricket teams from different nations are participating in a sporting event called World Cup and the winner gets the recognition as the best team. Each team has its own fan following. At times, teams shoulders grow heavy with the hope and expectations of their fans especially the ones that reach semifinals or the finals.
    It is one sport which I never liked watching nor wanted to participate in. I still have a hard time understanding peoples obsession with this sport. Then there is the usual rivalry in this sport like in any other sport. We've got the India vs Pakistan cricket match coming up. The media has been hyping it up for the last few days in a similar manner as the Superbowl. Alot of ads have been sold. Tons of money is expected to be made even though it's not the final game. Employees are expected to make excuses for missing work, being absent from their desk/cubicle or going slow on work. A newspaper is complaining that school test days are clashing with this game (reporter probably has misplaced priorities).
    It's really sad when one sport becomes a national obsession while other sports where athletes are doing well due to their own efforts are not given more funding through private contributions or through a sports body nor provided enough coverage by the media. At least, the money that the winner and runner ups get should be increased in sport so that more folks participate in the hopes of getting a huge sum if they win. Many different sports can occupy the limelight at the same time and folks excel in different sports. Therefore, options should be available from which a person can choose which one is suited for him/her.