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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Using timberland boots to spice up your life

    The big day was drawing near and I was totally lost on what kind of footwear I should wear to the wedding of my best friend. I opened up the closet where I kept various kind of footwear, looked upon rows upon rows of shoes, sandals, etc and decided to close the door and look elsewhere. Flipping though a magazine, I discovered that my favorite childhood shoes Carhartt and Dickies were even more stylish than before and I decided to visit their store located near my home. Getting into my beat up car, I barely made it to the store where it took it last gasp and died on me. As the steam from the radiator started to spew out, I slammed the driver side open and rushed into the store to see what I can purchase to make myself the most talked about person at the wedding function. The salesman was taken aback by my eagerness. I had to grab his arm and drag him along the aisles so that he could explain the benefits of each shoe brand and which one would suit me the best. One shoe after was tried and a huge pile of footwear soon appeared next to my chair. Yet, I was not satisfied with any of the items shown to me. The salesman grew exhausted, threw up his hand and uttered “I give up” and ran down the street screaming like the mad. With no option available, I started to roam along the isle like a kid lost in a candy store. My eyes grew wider and wider as I saw a pair of footwear which fascinated me so much that I was totally hypnotized by them. The famed timberland boots which have inspired so many people to do so many things were sitting on a display in front of me. I knew I had to have them. Looking at my wristwatch, I realized that I was running late. Taking my shoes off, I quickly put them on and ran out of the store as the cashier chased me demanding payment. Huffing and puffing, I made it to the wedding venue with the cashier in tow still demanding his pound of flesh. Grudgingly, I made the payment and pushed him out of the door just to see a see media people looking at my boots and asking if I was some famous person. So, go ahead and invest in these fine shoes and get the best, most comfortable feeling you ever had.