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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Using a glass display case to improve business

    A glass display case is a cabinet with one or often more transparent with either glass, plastic sides and/or top, used to display objects for viewing, for example in an exhibition, museum, house, retail business or a restaurant. Often labels are included with the displayed objects, providing information. In a museum, the objects are normally part of the museum's collection. In retail, the objects are normally being offered for sale.
    A display case may be freestanding on the floor or may be smaller and mounted on the wall. Display cases are typically made by specialist companies and often to order. Display cases are often designed with security in mind and are normally lockable. They also are made in variety of styles and materials as available at a store fixture supplier.

    On the other hand, clothing racks which are sometimes called clotheshorse or clothes horse, drying horse, winterdyke, clothes maiden, drying rack, Frostick, or airer, refers to a frame upon which clothes are hung after washing to enable them to dry. The frame is usually made of wood, metal or plastic. There are many types of drying racks, including large, stationary outdoor racks, smaller, folding portable racks, and wall-mounted drying racks. A drying rack is similar in usage and function to a clothes line and in lieu to a clothes dryer.

    If you are operating in a boutique or any garment store as a merchandiser, you cannot ignore garment racks. This is because they have the deepest impact on the look of store. The way you have placed the garment racks is directly related to the number of your buyers. For displaying your newest fashion clothes, these racks are an important factor for store. Their only function is not to store clothing in the back rooms of stores. With these racks, you can display your new designs really conveniently. Apart from these classic makes use of, you can use them in methods a lot more than you ever imagined. A strange fact in this regard is the urgency to acquire. When you hang garments on these racks, a customer thinks that it is a new arrival and he is lucky enough to show up the really exact same day. They make haste to acquire it as they think it might not be about for a long. It is important for a merchandiser to know all these points. Without having these racks your boutique business is not going to be anyplace close to success. They have grow to be necessary. This owes considerably to the positive aspects they render. Having such clothing racks around your business makes your life significantly easier and has a direct impact on sales.