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Friday, April 8, 2011

Death at the warehouse Part 1

    It was a cold wintery day I remember. The mother of all storms was upon us and everyone was stocking up for the long haul. The winter chill seemed to seep into my bones no matter how hard I tried to keep warm. I guess it had been snowing since early morning. It had started with a light flurry and by the night rolled around, it had turned into a medium strength blizzard. The icy cold winds from the north were already rocking the city and hardly anyone was venturing outside. The streets and the shops wore a deserted look and most of the shops were closed even though shops it was the holiday season.

    Taking a deep drag from the cigarette, I started to flip through the old diary I had found while cleaning out the old steel trunk tucked away in the attic. Most of the names had been crossed off. Nearing the end, I saw an old forgotten page which seemed to call out. Shutting the yellow crumbling book, I got out off the chair and walked out of the room.

    I once worked for Transcontinental shipping corporation for almost a decade. It was hard, back breaking work and I used to be on the road throughout the year. I remember the event like it was yesterday. I think I had to make a delivery to the company warehouse somewhere in the middle of Idaho. The all familiar interstate highways wound its way through the hills and soon I found my way driving down a long lonesome highway in the middle of nowhere as the engine was humming out the same old song. I turn up the radio and start to hunt the stations to drive the boredom away. Finding nothing of interest, my mind tries to find anything to latch on to drive the boredom away. I guess it had been snowing since early morning. It had started with a light flurry and by the time I reached some nameless town, it had turned into a medium strength blizzard. The icy cold winds from the north were already rocking the truck and I could feel it sway back and forth. A full scale storm was predicted for tonight and the truck was already groaning under the strain.

    After travelling what seemed many long hours, my weary legs seemed to give out yet I drove on as the distant town lights grew brighter with each passing mile. The tank was near empty when I pulled into what seemed like another deserted gas station. I wandered into the bar and a smoked filled dimly lit room greeted me and I could hardly see the crowd inside. The tiredness slipped out of me as I heard the boisterous sound emitting from one corner of the room. The smell of the food made my mouth water and the stomach grumbled demanding its share.

    While waiting for my food and drinks, I looked around the room. In one corner, they had giant old fashioned juke box which was belting out some Willie Nelson song and at the other end was an empty stage. While turning towards the bar, I noticed someone was sprawled across the table in one of the booths while two people were having an argument about who ate whose food. The sound of overturning chairs and tables had woken the man out of the sleep. Upon seeing me, he warned me that the hard times that will soon be upon us, people who we think are friends yet will turn foes and the trust that shall be broken before wandering down the room falling back asleep near the exit door. With a scrowl and a curse, I made my way to the nearest table.

    Finishing off the last remnants of the food and gulping down the drink before it got warm, I found myself heading upstairs to wash off all the dust, grime and sweat off me. The sounds of long haul trucks were heard humming by below and a lonesome train horn went off somewhere in the distance reminding me how far from home I was. Sleep was overtaking me and I fell asleep as soon as I hit the sack.

    Waking up from a deep sleep, I got out of the bed. My body was stiff and muscles sore from the long journey. I ran my hand across my face and thought of getting a shave and a bath before heading down to see what the daily special was. Heading down I got myself some lunch as it was late in the day and the place was dead empty. A few flies buzzed around and the food was as listless as the place. Pulling out of the joint, the truck ate up the miles as quickly as the swift winds above. The tow trucks were seen pulling the cars out of the ditches and the dead cars to the service centers. A few sirens were heard on the highway and I guess someone needed some help. The snow plows were lazily plowing and salting the streets. The icy roads in some areas slowed down my journey and I was getting sick of the constant slipping and swaying of the semi. The radio blared out some song as the weather man moaned about the snow storm which might hit the town in the night.

    Time flew by and the morning soon turned into evening. The old warehouse loomed ahead and it seemed no different than the others next to it. One of the dock gates was open and light outside was burning bright. Each warehouse had two docks and a side entrance. Pulling the cap down firmly with the warm woolen gloves, I got out of the warm interiors and ran towards the steps. My body became stiff with the cold as soon as I stepped out. Heading off to the shipping department, I asked them how soon the stuff was going to be unloaded as I had to hit the road once more. Pretty soon, the semi was backed into the now empty dock for it to be unloaded.

    The warehouse was dimly lit except for a few pools of lights that seemed to flicker every so often. I eventually found my way to the sitting area where I was pleasantly surprised to see a few others which I had not seen for many months. Coffee was offered and gladly taken as we exchanged stories of our travels around the country. I always loved going on long hauls for the company and had been coming here for many long years whenever the opportunity presented itself. It had become a routine habit which I had never skipped no matter how bad the weather. We spent our time telling old man’s stories that seemed so surreal and maybe it might be due to the fact that this place seemed older than the hills.