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Friday, December 31, 2010

Which is more important?

    Life is extremely complicated and full of never ending decisions. But the two questions which keeps popping up every so are the ones about money and education. People are always debating on these two points wondering which one is more important.

    A great education is valuable since it acts like a stepping stone in life to fulfill many of our ambitions in life. A person who has a career that makes him/her happy is likely to be fairly well off also, since they will put in more effort in their daily job duties. Studying hard and graduating from a college/university with good qualifications can usually give a person a great career that will earn them money without much hard work.

    Some people claim that a proper education is not necessary in order to be successful in life. These people are claiming that a lot of people around the world don’t have any higher degree, yet they are making lot of money. True, many people in certain areas or industries might be earning higher wages than others, but this is due to the fact they have to put in a lot of hard work of many years to reach this level, have less chance of promotion than college graduates and usually be the first ones to be asked to leave when the company downsizes. These people will usually be stuck in the same level for a long time, since they are not qualified to level up to the next post.

    I think that a certain amount of money is necessary in life in order to take care of our basic needs like food, clothing, shelter etc. A student needs it for accommodation, college fees, purchasing study material, besides the other essential items but wealth does not always equal happiness and mental satisfaction. It is also needed to maintain a certain standard of living. Otherwise we will not be any different than the beggars on the street forever asking for alms

    In the end, even though both things tend to complement each other, I feel education is more important as it makes us a more complete person and separates from us from the other creatures in the animal kingdom. It is better to be well educated than very rich person who has no education and is a total fool. With good education qualifications more opportunities open up and more employers are willing to hire a person. A large helping of good fortune, good health and happiness are also equally important things in life as these help us in successfully completing our goals, tasks and ambitions in life.