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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The traffic incident

    On a cold foggy day, I headed off to one of my relatives houses which is located about half an hour away from where I live. I really didn’t feel like leaving the house under these conditions so early in the morning since I had really planned this trip for later in the day. So, I bundled up and waddled outside….yes waddled like a penguin. It’s cold and the cold wind from the northern mountains makes it worse. Got a warm cap covering my head, sweater….a warm shirt underneath that….a t shirt under the shirt….let’s not forget the pants and shoes…So, somehow I managed to get in the car and after some coaxing, it finally started. It’s a real gas guzzler of a car so I stopped off at a nearby gas station first and had the tires checked and topped off the gas tank.

    Most of the drive was rather uneventful until I neared one of the minor intersections. There was a minor traffic jam as I turned off the engine and just waited my turn. I failed to notice that the cars in front of me were starting to move and before I could make my move, an environmentally friendly fertilizer unit moved in front of me and blocked the road completely. It decided to let go right in front of my car and I had no space to maneuver to get out of the way, since there was a truck right behind me, a car on the left and the road divider on the right. Oh boy, what a mess I was in. I honked and honked but nothing happened. It kept on pooping away blissfully unaware of its surroundings.

    I guessed it finally noticed the frantic honking since it turned its head around, gave a belch and gave an exaggerated quack. Luckily, I had not gotten out of the car since I think I must have seriously offended its sensibilities. The Duck turned around, came up to the engine part of the car and started to head butting it. My first thoughts were “Oh shit!!! What mess have I gotten myself into this time”? So, I was sitting there while most of the traffic was whizzing by. The Duck simply wouldn’t leave me alone. A pack of stray squirrels passing through seemed like my car tires so much that they took turns marking it as their own personal territory. I was here stuck in traffic…time was slipping through my hands like grains of sands through a hour glass.

    A Gator dressed up as a traffic cop was standing at the corner watching the whole drama and it seemed he was having one hell of time at my expense. No use arguing with the cop since I really didn’t want another headache at this point and time. I leaned out of the window and managed to back the car some distance, since the traffic had managed to clear up and there wasn’t anyone behind me. I was seriously considering wrestling the Duck and tying it to my car and paddling down the river running next to the road to make up for the lost time. I finally managed to clear this hurdle and reach my destination. This particular incident had wasted full 15 minutes of my time and at times it seems like the whole animal kingdom was against me. Lol.

    On the way back home, I decided to stop by the food court located on the top floor of a mall located on my way back home and had a bite to eat. This time, I made it a point to take a different route home. I really didn’t want to confront the same Duck once more. There wasn’t much of a crowd in the mall since it was around noon and I managed to enjoy myself more in these less crowed shopping center. All I did was a lot of window shopping after I had my lunch. I did manage to find a few cell phones to my liking and I guess I’ll get a new cell phone in a few weeks’ times. The one I am using currently will be given to some other family member.

    After what seemed hours, I managed to make my way to my car and zipped home. I seemed to have totally forgotten about the traffic incident until I heard a couple of ducks quacking near my house. Next time, instead of irritating them by honking the horn, I guess I’ll make a quiet getaway maybe. Hope you all had a better day than being stuck behind an irritated duck and a bunch of squirrels who really like the tires on your car.