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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Rodent files part III - Final

    The grey cat finally reached the safety of the woods from where all this adventure had started. He need not fear any living being now and he boldly headed where he feared to tread once before. Yes, off to the rodents tree house and he was climbing it like a hungry monkey after a ripe banana.

    What an amazing tree. It had all of the modern conveniences like centralized air conditioning, full house Wi-Fi, wall to wall plush carpeting. Teak furniture, a cellar full of….well nuts, an attic full of more nuts. This squirrel was well stocked for any kind of emergency. I sank into the couch and started to flip through the television channel trying to find something interesting. I wasn’t really hungry so I didn’t raid the midget fridge in the kitchen.

    The cat really doesn’t know how long it had dozed off yet he woke up with a feeling of dread. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t pin point the reason why nor shake this feeling off. There was something out there and he could feel it in his bones. A Duck which had been hiding under the couch all along sneaked out and started to run out the door. The startled cat must have jumped at least 10 feet into the air and got stuck in the ceiling fan. As it was stepping out the door, it spied the cat hanging from the ceiling fan. Overcoming its fear, the Duck ran back inside and headed straight for the fans control switch. It turned the fan on at full volume and started to throw water balloons at the poor cat as it swung by. The cat soon lost control and flew right into the washing machine. The lid was closed and it started to spin round and round.

    What saved the cat from washing machines spin cycle was the power outage. Something was coming and it was approaching fast. The sky grew dark and the Duck sensing danger ran out the open door. The cat yelled out “Noooo...don't go and leave me here all alone. It's just too scary here.” But the Duck was gone and was left behind to fend for himself.

    In the darkness, he heard the all too familiar growl. The Gator was at the door....something else was scratching at the window...The wild wind...I think its wind and not some demons howl...was calling out its name....The lights were flickering and the cat peed in its pants.

    Out of the shadows emerged the huge gator who growled “We’ve been looking for ya. You can run but you can’t hide. Now pay the food tab before I get hungry and start to munch on ya “. The bill was paid in full and in record time with an extra huge tip. Fully satisfied, the old man swung around and started to make an exit. The curious cat which just couldn’t hold it tongue any longer asked “Hey old man….you seem to be alone. So, where are the others?” Look out the window silly and you will get your answer was all that was said. The shaking/quaking cat somehow managed to crawl to the window and draw the curtains aside. Its hair stood on its end and he turned pure white in fright. It was the acorn throwing squirrel tapping at the window. The poor cat ran out the house and back into the woods and the squirrel followed behind. So, the chase began anew.

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