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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Farmville effect

    It was bound to happen. You see, most of my family have become Farmville addicts and the game is taking its affect in real life. Somehow I have become one of the characters of this game. I don’t remember its name. It’s the little puppy which you are supposed to feed every so often and it grows up to be a dog or something like it. Anyway, they have started using the different commands on each other and myself.
    O was told to sit and so I sat. For awhile it was fun as I started flipping thru the channels and checking out to see if I could find something interesting. Zilch. I was bored and started to fidget. As the chair was one of those rotating type, I started to spin crazily like to top hoping it would drive the boredom away.

    So, I tried sitting in one spot all day in my home...but then I remembered that since no one told me to "stay"....I started roaming around and ummm...marking all the tires in my area as mine...sorry...couldn't find a fire hydrant or else I would have marked that as mine also...dang it.... somehow, I have wandered here on the net and you all better hide everything or else…lol