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Thursday, April 8, 2010

When buying a car which color would you prefer to choose?

    After deciding on what type of car we would like to purchase, the item which takes up most of our time is the color of the vehicle. It always seems like a dilemma when a family is sitting in front of the salesman to make the final decisions on buying a vehicle for either as a family car or themselves they get stuck on the color chart. The buyers end up paying a considerable attention towards the color of the car and sometimes and if a car of their favourite colour is not available, they usually tend to wait for that particular color. The color which I had chosen for my new car is golden color as it looks the best out of all the choices available. It did take considerable amount of time to reach this choice as the rest were good choices also.
    Everyone has their favourite color as some colors are sometimes given preference over other due to culture, etc. Looking around my city, I noticed that many people preferred either white, brown as the color of their car. Some shades like white are considered auspicious by some and at other times it is chosen because it is absorbs less heat and looks cooler and pleasing to the eye.

    Suppose tomorrow you were asked to buy a new car for yourself then what would be your choice of color? Why would you choose the particular color for your car instead of the other choices available?