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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Generational Equity Complaints Are Premature

    I was having a really long conversation with my next door neighbor about Generational Equity and how it affects us all whether it’s a young or an old person. Upon being asked exactly what it is I told him that it can be described as the goal to preserve the particular form of balance, or equity which pertains to the management of schools' and colleges scholarship investments. The specific aim is neither to advantage current scholarship recipients with an overly-generous endowment payout rate (which would be disadvantage future generations of scholarship recipients), nor to favor future generations by unduly reducing the payout to this year's recipients. Many endowments calculate their payout on a three-to-five-year rolling average, which smooth out short-term fluctuations in fund value.

    A lot of people tend to complain about how the younger generations is paying for older generations health care and other benefits. What the young people today do not realize is that they will be in the same boat in the near future. These welfare complaints will always continue to exist as long as people do not realize that our contributions go into a common pool for the benefit of all people. It does come back to us when we meet the basic criteria. The regulatory authority which is managing these funds might be able to clear the confusion which people have by handing out more information to its subscribers. I guess every type of fund has its plus and minus point. The weak points and the complaints should be addressed to promptly and take help from others when needed in order to maximize our benefits.