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Friday, November 20, 2009

Canine paradise

    Sometime back, one of my relatives had gone to take her pet dog to the clinic for a few shots. On the way inside to the clinic, she had run across a huge billboard which mentioned that something to the effect that their will be a luxury clinic opening up for pets. Imagine that. Isn’t this a site to see? I laughed so hard when I heard this news. When my laughter had died down and I was back in control of my senses, I asked her exactly what had happened at the clinic. She told me that the pets will be given super VVIP treatment, and a lot of facilities will be provided to them that usually are not available at your regular neighbourhood pet clinics like an operation theater, ICU, OPD and many other things to pamper your loved one. The pet will be treated like a king. The vet had looked at my buddy and said in a stern voice “Seems like you have never give your dog a proper bath and a hair cut in a long time. We will make him smell and look good real quick.” She was told that it will ONLY cost Rs 600. The guilt factor kicked in and the dog was handed over for its beauty treatment. The poor thing did not know what it was about to get into. First of, it was given a set of injections. It was whisked off into another room where it was given a hair cut and then a bath. This confused little dog didn’t know what was happening to it, but seemed to enjoy it. The vet helpers finally released him after 1 hour and 15 minutes. What was once a furry looking well fed dog was now looking like a starving, malnourished stray dog which had been picked up while coming up to the clinic. He was quickly taken home with his newly acquired look. After hearing all this, I thought that it is truly amazing how lucky these pets have it nowadays. They can get pampered, treated like a royalty and get some time off from their owners.

    Some places are set up in such a way that an air-conditioned car picks up the pet, takes it to a 5 star place, where they get hair cut, bath, and manicure. Then they get to watch television or listen to radio while reclining in a soft comfortable cushion. They are fed freshly made delicacies All this is located inside a fully air-conditioned area. Plus they also have their own personal butler to take care of any needs that may arise.

    People who have pets are usually very attached to them and the owners want the best they can provide for their pets. The pets are like a loved family member. I guess it is only normal that the pet owner don’t look at their pets as animals, but as fellow human beings. So don’t feel shy about pampering your pets and let them have the time of their life.