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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How do you decide whom to vote for?

    Its election time in many areas, so this question really got me all worked up. What if your uncle was running for the post of president or some other post? You have known him all your life and you seriously do doubt his ability to run the country. Even if the whole family is supporting him, would you vote for him? Well for me it does not matter if one of my relative has thrown his hat in the ring. He won’t get my automatic vote just because he is related to me, even if he is on good terms with me. A president’s job is just too important. After taking a long hard look at all the choices, I would vote for the most qualified candidate even if he was an independent. He should be able to think on his feet and offer good, sound judgements which everyone is willing to obey. If I have my doubts about a relative’s capabilities, then I will not for him. What I am implying is that one should not go by who is related to whom when making decisions which affects a lot of people. These decisions should be based on cold hard facts. The best man/woman should get the position.