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Friday, May 15, 2009

Getting hot under the collar

    Well, the summer months are upon us and the temperatures are touching new highs every day. Today’s temperature was 45 degree Celsius and it will probably stay in that range tomorrow also. It is extremely difficult to keep the house clean during these summer months as our so called “normal” summer months where we not only have intense hot days but it also throws a few dust storms at us every so often. When I have to go out either for office works or personal errands, I am relatively clean person but by the time I return home, I am a smelly, sweaty walking dust ball.

    During the winter months, the weather was really pleasant and in our area we never get any snow. During these winter months, I was busy working on the lawn and the yard since I wanted to make our garden nice so that it will have a lot of greenery by the time summer rolls around. It was extremely difficult and tedious on getting rid of all the weeds, transplanting the flowers on the yard so that they will be all in the shaded area. I really wanted to get the house painted since the house looks just horrible and so worn, but we never really got around to it.

    This year I have managed to get more organized and will probably be running around a little less. So far I have managed to convert one of the spare rooms into a mini gym room since I plan to lose 5 kg of weight. My plans are to spend all summer reaching my weight loss goal. I intend to lose my entire excess pounds total and I hope to lose at least most of that this summer. I am going to be doing a lot of running on the treadmill during my free moments. If I must sweat and smell like a pig then I might as well get some health benefit out of it. Also, we have installed another new air conditioner in the house besides the one in the living room.

    This time around, I really plan on staying indoors, hibernating, until autumn arrives here once more. I just can't stand the hot summer months. I have so many plans for this summer but most important have something to do in this summer is to improve my writing skills. At times, I sit down and make a "to do this" list, but then something gets in the way. Probably a subconscious fear my writing isn't good enough? lol I'm also trying to squeeze in a writer's workshop somewhere in my schedule this summer and a small vacation to the hills.