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Friday, March 6, 2009

What kind of public transportation do you usually take when travelling?

    India is a vast and a very crowded country in many areas. Everybody who is somebody wants their own set of wheels. This has led to total chaos on the roads since the civic authorities have not done much in repairing or widening the city roads. Therefore, due to various factors, some of us who want fewer hassles in our lives prefer the public transportation mode in some cases. In our country, there are many different kinds of public transportations like: Bus, taxi, and van for hire, auto rickshaw, rickshaw (pedaled by the driver) and many more. Personally, for short distance travel, I prefer to either drive on my own or just ride an auto rickshaw for short distance. Over here, which mode you choose depends on various factors like whether you want to travel long or short distance, the pricing, availability and the most convenient pick up and drop off points.
    Even though I do have my own wheels I usually end up using public transportation vehicles. Since I am here in India, the most common that people use for public transportation is the Auto Rickshaw. Riding an auto rickshaw is actually the most convenient mode for me as I won't have any hassle looking for a parking area and they can be found just about everywhere... The second most common vehicle I use is Bus because mostly in national highways they outnumber the Taxis and other like Auto Rickshaws (which just cannot travel such long distances) and are much cheaper. Anyway whatever vehicle I use I just always pray to be comfortable and safe to where I am going.
    Travelling either a short distance or a long distance can be fun and enjoyable at times. Plus, it can be quiet an experience in itself as one gets to see many new sites which one never gets to experience while driving ones own vehicle. I’ve had some really strange yet entertaining experiences in public transportation vehicles, but that will have to wait till next time. So, what do you usually ride when travelling? Do you usually travel in your own vehicle or do you use the public transportation?