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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Breakfast troubles.....

    I just didn’t have much time for breakfast this morning since I was in such a rush to leave for work. So, I thought it’s better to have something even a little bit than going out on an empty stomach. So, I hunted around the house to see what can be whipped up in a jiffy. Boy, I did manage to discover a lot of items which I had thought had gone missing. For example, I found this giant packet of chips and a few packets of roasted peanuts which I thought had walked off. They saw me reaching for them and both of the items backed into a corner and started to growl at me. I guess they’ve been in the cupboard way too long and came to life. Hmmm... maybe I should look for something else to eat. Finally, after much frantic searching, I found a packet of Corn Flakes and a packet of oatmeal in one of the corners. I had not seen these two items either for a long time either. The oatmeal was the Quaker Oat quick cooking one, but I did not feel like going through this process. So, it was the cereal. While the milk was heating, I hunted down the remaining items. Everything was dumped into a large bowl. Corn flakes did taste good with a large helping of raisins, milk, and sugar. I would have loved to have this cereal with omelets and toast, but this option was not available to me at the moment since….well….hmmm…no eggs.
    We have Mac Donald’s here, but I really miss the breakfast menu…if you want to call it that. It used to be so convenient earlier when I was in Cleveland. In those times, like now…I used to rush out of my house to attend my computer programming classes. No time for breakfast even back then as I used to leave around 6:30 AM. But I used to pick up an egg Mac muffin and coffee from Mac Donald’s on the way to the institute and gobble it down on the way.
    I am not really a breakfast person these days, since I prefer a brunch as I am just too lazy in the morning and my stomach is still asleep. We have such a wide variety of foods, that eating food is never a dull event here. Usually when I am in the Indian food mode and it’s still very early in the morning I prefer something really light like Idli with Sambar. For us lazy people here, I wish restaurants here offered some breakfast items to help us out when we are in the rush mode. For tomorrow, I am a little bit more prepared. I have managed to make home made French fries…salted and a pinch of black pepper sprinkled with a tomato and onion sandwich. This combo has always been one of my favorites. Thinking about food has gotten me hungry already. I am off to hunt down a burger or a pizza. Be back soon.