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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Taking a look out of the window

    I woke up this morning and looked out the window. Rubbed my eyes once and then rubbed them twice. Nothing much could be seen as the whole city was completely covered in a thick layer of fog. All I can see are a few people either walking or zipping past all bundled up in woolen clothing. The winter chill had set in sometime back and it seems like the dense fog will become a regular feature now. That is until the warm summer winds sweep into the state once more and cook us like lobsters in tub of water. For the last two days or so, we have had really dense fog which is leading to low visibility. Road, air and rail traffic has been the most severely affected leading to delay of many hours in some cases. This fog usually dissipates sometime in the afternoon and we are able to get a few precious hours of sunshine. As soon as the cold dry continental westerly sweeps our state, the weather will become bitterly cold. Luckily here in Lucknow we do not get any snow during winters. Sometimes we get winter rain. That’s about it.
    I really like the winters here compared to the weather I had to live with when I was living in the Cleveland area. I never really got used to it. The cold bitter winds used to sweep down into the city from Lake Erie and used to freeze our butts off. Then it used to return a little while back and dump tons of snow upon the city. I distinctly remember clearing out the walk way and driveway and to my utter astonishment, used to see the same amount of snow back there shortly thereafter. It was just horrible in a sense that it was a never ending battle in which we always seemed to be at the losing end. The city did a good job on the roads I remember. The snow plow came by on a regular, swept and salted the streets. I guess the facilities in Solon were one of the better managed ones compared to some other sections of our state.
    There are not many so called ‘good’ months here in our state. Our state is also known as the dust bowl of India. We also have extreme weather here ranging from cold to blistering hot weather. But, I guess I would not really trade it in for something else since there is such a wide variety of weather pattern that one never gets bored.