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Monday, December 29, 2008

Taking a look at the year gone by

    It's almost the end of the year and this year has flown by really fast. Looking back I have noticed that many things have happened during the course of the year. Some planned and expected and some were a totally unexpected and took us by total supervise. I have suddenly seemed to realize that so many years have flown by and yet so many more to go before the journey finally comes to an end.

    The financial mess the world is currently in has been going on for a couple of years but the intensity has surprised most of us who weren't really prepared for such a vicious downturn. There seems to be no bottom to this endless financial slide we are experiencing. I was a few of the lucky ones I guess who had shifted most of my money out of the stock market and mutual funds shortly after this mess started and invested this money in bank fixed deposits. I guess I have been successful so far in keeping to my schedule of squirreling away money every so often so that I can purchase a new car sometime next year and successfully keeping my financial goals. The other major planned item which I consider successfully completed I guess is my Gall Bladder operation. No more worries or tension due to it now.
    One thing which I have noticed especially during this year is the rise of intolerance amongst people against others due various factors. This is really one of the most disturbing factors which will cause more and more friction between people and societies and injustices done to the lesser fortunate people amongst us. Sure, the government might pass certain laws to equalize the balance between the have and the have not but the actual change will never really occur until society itself goes through a change.

    Second item which really pissed me off this year were politicians and the people in power never seem to learn from the past it seems. They just seem to take everything for granted especially the people who have voted for them. Time and time again, it has been shown that most of them really do not really do not care for us. The drive and leadership qualities are lacking in most polictians. Our country seems to be in a total mess it comes to crisis management. The top leaders usually just shuffle people around, while others squabble with each other about whom to blame. Strong decisive action is rarely taken and when it is called off mid way due to international pressure. I guess what is in need in these tough troubled times are strong willed determined people to lead our country. Not the selfish pain in the neck variety that look only after their own selfish interest and do something when someone lines their pocket with tons of doe.
    When I was growing up, it seemed like I had a carefree life. No worries, tension or stress. There was hardly any pressure on anyone and people were more or less friendly towards each other. Times change and people change. Now a days it seems like no one has time for other people and no one wants to exit this rats race even though it seems to be causing so much stress, tension and all types of health and family problems. The most seriously affected is the family unit. Within the family unit, it is the kids which are the most severely affected. The kids start straying from the family, moral and religious values and parents don’t relies it until it too late. The right value system should be ingrained into the child at a young age and constantly reinforced while growing up. Even adults need positive reinforcement so that they are not tempted to stray from the right path especially in high stress troubled times.
    I guess this post has gotten a bit lengthy and I guess what I would like to say is that a lot has happened during the last 12 months. Some good and some bad. But life is a constant learning experience and I guess I have learned a lot. I guess we can only change ourselves once we open ourselves and accept our shortcomings and try to modify our behavior so that we can become better people. Overall, it has been a good year and I hope the future is better and comes with less hassles. Life has provided me with many opportunities and I have learned a lot from them. I just hope others do the same.