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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Need some snow

    I would really like the weekends if it really snowed here. I can sleep in late without feeling guilty about it. As the day progresses, I can then just bum around the house in my regular house clothes. This way you can find me surfing the net for a longer duration of time since I will stuck in the house. When I get bored with it, I might either flip thru some reading material, watch some TV. Or listen to music. Some when I feel like not doing any of the usual above stuff, I might sit on the porch either sipping coffee/tea or eating something hot while watching others slog through the neck deep snow. I might just love to sit outside and watch it snow and snow, which might really refreshes me who knows…Loll. It gives me time to unwind and relax. You know, the best part is that commercial vehicles are not allowed on these inner roads so we do not get much traffic here as it is. So it's pretty much quiet here and one can get away from the daily city grind without going off to some remote corner of the planet. If it actually snows…life will actually come to a total stand still in our area.
    It has been such a long time since I had actually run into any snow and all the hassles that go with it, so I actually miss it. Loll....Don't you just love the midnight shoveling of your drive so that you can get into your own house. Or maybe trying to get the car out of the ditch which it has slid into. Haa haa....