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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

U.S. Elections- Will history be rewritten today?

    I am a bit late in posting this post, but better late than never I guess. This topic had been on my mind ever since the election process started not very long back, since the situation is a bit different this time. By the time most of you read this post, the election vote castings process will most likely be over and the results will be declared shortly after.

    On Tuesday morning, the United States of America faces one of its most important tests when the American people go to the polls to their 44th president. It will the day which might just change how the world looks at America. History just might be rewritten. Who wins this sweepstakes called the elections matters not only to the American population, but to the rest of the world.

    After a long drawn out slug fest, the only two choices are left: Barrack Hussein Obama and John McCain. Senator Obama is seen as a thoughtful young man, while Senator McCain is thought of as a feisty warhorse. Both candidates are still out there trying their best to sway the people so that they can get as many votes as possible on the last day. Barack Obama is moving towards the capitol from the state of Florida through the states of North Carolina and Virginia and making his last stop just outside Washington DC. John McCain is hopping all over the place to garner support from Florida to Tennessee to Pennsylvania to Indiana, to New Mexico, and finally ending in Prescott Arizona. Whosoever reaches the magical number of 270 electoral seats shall occupy the presidential office for the next four years.

    Since Election Day is not a holiday, people are expected to cast their vote either before or after their working hours or take a break in between to cast their votes. Long lines are anticipated since everyone expects an unprecedented turnout even though many voters have opted for early ballots in the states which allow it. A lot of things are happening around the world and which have influenced the thinking of the voting population this time and I guess they want a change.

    It has a very strange journey it seems which started in February 2007 when Senator Obama announced his intentions to run for the US presidency. No one thought he would get this far, since his chances were considered as slim and wispy as the mist that disappears as quickly as it is formed. No one before had ever considered a non white person for this particular post. But he has shown resilience, will power and dedication not shown before.

    Like any other thing in life, nothing can be said for sure until the last vote is cast. At this point, it seems like Obama is headed for a clear cut victory, unless McCain manages to pull a surprise at the very end. This election process has been full of surprises and it has been one of the best ones till date. It has also been one of the most entertaining one for me till date. Whosoever wins will be the best man for the post.

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