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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Online banking and financial transactions – How safe is it?

    These days a lot of people use the net for banking, paying bills, online shopping and many other money transaction services. But how safe for all these transactions when you do them over the net?
    I have been using the net for various purposes including banking and financial services for a long time. I would say that it is far more easier and convenient than going to offices and stores physically and I think it is just as safe as any other method of paying bills.

    But as in any other place, one must take precautions in order to avoid any crisis later on and make your journey on the net safe and secure. Some of the precautions that I suggest are:

    It is not advisable to give away your personal details on internet.
    Do not give your Credit card; debit card, bank account details to anyone.
    Keep changing your PayPal, bank password and all passwords for that matter.
    Opt for Virtual card or Internet card which allows you safety while purchasing items online, since no one can trace the number back to your actual card.
    Use your brains to identify sites that are potential scam/fraud sites.
    Look for site address which has https:// address with S on it, meaning it is more secured than an ordinary http:// site.

    But overall I think it is relatively safe as long as your computer is secure with no viruses, a properly working firewall installed, and a regularly updated antivirus program. You should not allow yourself to fall for a Phishing Scam! If you use proper precautions and keep in mind the threats that are out there, then the net will offer you a good safe experience. It is a useful tool if used properly. It has a lot of potential. But on the same hand, be cautious of everything you encounter, no matter how harmless it may seem initially. Never click on any mail which asks to enter your user id and password for verification purposes. In these cases, go to the site directly by typing in the address which you have known from before and entering the data at the site itself. Get all the safe links from the home page of the trusted site itself. Better safe than sorry.