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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Would I really like to meet my old school friends?

    While browsing thru a few social networking sites, I found a few really old high school friends which I had not been in contact with over 20+ years. When I saw the names, alot of memories came flooding back and it seemed I was swept back in time.

    When the initial surprise wore off, I was wondering if I really would like to meet all of my old high school buddies. I guess it all depends, since everyone is very much different when they are in high school and when they become adults they might have changed alot. Also, one must remember that sometimes the things that brought you together as friends in the first place might not be there anymore. But if you go to meet them with the realization that people change over a period of time, then it might be worth a shot.

    I have kept in contact occasionally with a few of my old best friends. But the others I have lost contact with the passage of time and for various other reasons. I guess I have changed in so many ways also since there is nothing static in life. The only constant thing in life is change. Some of them have been a part of my growing up life and partly I do owe who I am today to those friends that I had then.

    SO in my final analysis my answer will be defiantly ... YES, even though 20+ years have flown by. I think it might be worth at least a chance to go out to lunch with them since I am really curious to know what they have been up to all these years and what they look like in real life. Who knows, maybe we can be as good a friends as when we were young. It won't be the same as when we were younger, but if our friendship bond was strong enough, it will stand the passage of time. But what about you? Will you give it a chance? Would you ever meet up with these friends from the past again?