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Sunday, June 22, 2008

What does your internet footprint reval about you?

    Some employers these days are using the Internet in their background check before considering hiring a new employee. Employers look at your photos and profiles as a screening process during recruitment.
    It does not matter what your opinion about this particular subject is, you must think twice before you post anything on the Internet. One you post it on a site, it stays on Internet as long as site is active. Sometimes we do not realise that what we put on the net will be there for an extremely long time!
    Even though I do post a lot of stuff on many sites and do a lot of blogging, there is not anything that would be embarrassing let alone grounds for not hiring. I can imagine what some people have on their profiles around the web keeping them from getting a job.

    How would you feel knowing that company is utilizing MySpace, Facebook and Internet search engines as background checks on you?

    But if I was hiring someone for my company, I would certainly check them out on the internet, even though I do not totally agree with it. But I do consider it a tool to discover the public face that they have on the net. If I found posts on a social network site boasting how they did something illegal or unethical I would not hire them. Since the person is a total stranger to the company, it would like to get as complete a picture as possible about the candidate as possible.